Thursday, August 19, 2010


Glancing Girl here ...

I spotted this image on Jak & Jil entitled, Downsizing.

The title refers to the size of the handbag ... but it's an especially relevant concept to me right now.

I'm playing with the idea of downsizing my wardrobe to the bare essentials.

Literally ... the bare essentials.

10 pairs of denim.

10 cotton tops.

10 blouses.

10 jackets.

10 pairs of shoes.

It would be so liberating to keep only what fits me perfectly, and will stand the test of time.

What do you think?

If I wrestle up the gumption to do it, I'll document the process here.



Caitlin said...

I love the idea of downsizing. I have seen in so many magazines different ways mixing and matching with only a few essentials pieces. Then again I am a total minimalist in all areas of my life.

my name is lauren. said...

that would be a big step. i don't think i'm quite that brave!

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