Monday, August 23, 2010


Glancing Girl here ...

Every once in awhile, we'll have a client looking in our shops for something "vintage."

It's a good opportunity for us to explain that we're not a vintage or thrift shop.
The merchandise we carry has been manufactured within the last 2 years, is in near-perfect condition, and has been hand-chosen for the particular season and aesthetic our shops are representing.

Resale is no longer what it was - it's not about shopping for a Halloween costume or a vintage dress for a Man Men party.
{although the silhouette is very now and you can certainly find something recently manufactured in our shops}

Resale has evolved into the socially and ecologically responsible way to engage in the world of fashion.

It's the way I revolve my closet every season, and I wouldn't dream of shopping any other way.

Back to the vintage discussion ...

Every once in awhile, a client brings in a gem that we can't consign but purchase for display purposes because of its incredible verve.

That's how we met this little number:

Isn't it fabulous?

{and isn't Erin fabulous in it?}


Erin {model}
Jen {hair & styling}
Jodi {photography}

All wardrobe pieces from Second Glance!



my name is lauren. said...

this is maybe my most favorite styling i've seen you do EVER. this dress is fabulous, but the accessories and hair perfect it - who's the designer? i hope erin gets it - it's perfect on her :).

Glancing Girl said...

How sweet of you to say!
The dress has no tags on it at all, but from the condition of the fabric and shape, I'd say it's from the 50's.
Isn't erin adorable in it?

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