Thursday, October 28, 2010

{Pick of the Week}

Glancing Girl here ...

I'm intrigued by anything with the words, sheer tint, in the title.

It's such a mesmerizing thought - the perfect, natural tint.

So, obviously, I'm obsessed with getting my hands on this:

This particular shade is named Breathless but there are lighter and darker options, as well.

{pc|spotted on Outblush}



my name is lauren. said...

i have a red sheer tint from smash box that i love! hope this is just as lovely as it sounds.

p.s. i may be popping into second glance on saturday - you probably have the day off, but i thought i'd let you know just in case :).

Glancing Girl said...

What's the smashbox shade you have? We have a smashbox counter in Corvallis and I'm excited to try anything you recommend!

I just might be around on Saturday! Are you coming down for the game?


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